Open Sailing

Ahoy there mateys!

I have an interesting proposition to put forward to you all. Squat's good friend Cesar is embarking on an extraordinarily wonderful cultural voyage. Cesar is studying Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art in London. As part of his degree course Cesar is developing software and hardware which will be used in the construction of a future International Ocean Station. Exciting? I know!

So this may all sound a little weird and wonderful at the moment but it's an incredible concept that he and his friends are trying to turn into a reality, and guess what - he needs YOUR help!

If any of you happen to be good with you hands - oh please don't force me to make a terrible joke here - or your heads then Cesar needs your help!

Carpenters, seamstresses, physicians, accountants, graphic designs, lawyers, mechanics, cheerleaders. Workers of the world unite and come together to get this concept off the group and into the sea.

For more helpful information about this project then check out Cesar's Gumtree ad:

It really is a wonderful thing so even if you can't spare the time to help then have a look and learn all about what this talented young man's project is all about!