Dresses and Jackets and Jumpsuits, Oh My!

Heydi-ho campers!

I hope you are all wonderfully well despite the somewhat erratic weather we're experiencing down in London Town. It's playing havoc with my wardrobe. But enough about me (for now).... it's Su-su-studio news time.

The last couple of weeks have been a complete blur here. Our Spring/Summer 2010 collection is nearly ready to head out to India for sampling and it is looking wunderbar. Hannah and Liz have worked wonders, cutting and sewing and cutting and sewing again to get everything together and I am getting increasingly excited.

I'd like to think that I provided Squat with most of the inspiration for the collection, but sadly that would be a lie! He is always very kind of me though and lets me have my say so I can pretend I'm designing too. I don't know how he does it but it's a lot of fun to watch! We've got toiles all over the studio and we've all been trying them on to see what looks best. So, essentially what I'm saying is we've been playing dress up. Great.

That all sounds like a terrible amount of fun I know but I can promise there has been PLENTY of hard work going on. We've added some more stock to the website so more people can get there hands on our goodies. Oh and I've been trying to learn about Twitter and Flickr. Now, I'm a simple girl so these things confuse me somewhat so it would be stupendous if you lovely people added us as a friend or start following us on Twitter. As you can imagine, the thought of having to condense what I say into only 250 character frightens the life out of me, but I'll endeavour to give it a jolly good go!

Pics and tricks to follow soon my dears. Until then, enjoy the sale and enjoy the sun that I've just started to see peeking through the clouds - yipee.

Much love as ever xxxxx