G2 Ad AND a Brand New Competition!

Hello hello hello,

Exciting times are upon us. Not only have we taken our online sale up to 80% off (on selected items of course) but we've also gone and launched another blooming competition in The Guardian G2 today haven't we!

It is almost too much excitement to handle. Shall I tell you all about it? Ok well it goes a little something like this.... (and yes that was a reference to the dance CLASSIC "It's Like That" for those of you cool enough to remember it)!

Anyway... as you may know, it's our 10 year anniversary coming up this Autumn. And yes, we are planning something fun fun fun to celebrate. But what of the competition I hear you scream?

We're asking you wonderful and fantastic people to design a...... BIRTHDAY CAKE! Design and cake has there ever been a better combination. I think not.

The deadline to send in your entries is October 31st 2009. If you want to make a cake and send us a photo then you can, or you can just draw a design and send that to us instead. Whatever you want really, as long as it represents 10 years of Ghulam Sakina!

Send your designs along with you name, address, email and contact telephone number straight to our studio!

Ghulam Sakina Ltd
Studio One
Fairmule House
27 Waterson Street
E2 8HT

Of course if you have any questions or queries then don't hesitate to get in touch. We love hearing from you! Email us at: info@ghulamsakina.com.

I'm so excited! Big kisses to you all.

OH I totally forgot to say, I went to see Hamlet last night - the production starring Jude Law. It was AMAZING. I've got to admit that after Alfie and the whole Sienna thing I'd begun to lose faith but his performance is spell binding. Nice one Jude.